Kunda M. M. Rao

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Differential development of monoamine oxidase (MAO) isoenzymes in rat whole brain is described in postnatally developing Sprague-Dawley rats. Total MAO and isoenzyme activity was measured using nonspecific and specific substrates. Total MAO activity measured using tyramine, increased postnatally up to 24 weeks of age and attained a plateau afterward. The(More)
  • Spandana Paramkusham, K M M Rao, B V V S N Prabhakar Rao
  • 2013
—Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of fatality in women. Mammogram is the effectual modality for early detection of breast cancer. Increased mammographic breast density is a moderate independent risk factor for breast cancer, Radiologists have estimated breast density using four broad categories (BI-RADS) swearing on visual assessment of(More)
CARTOSAT-1, launched in May 2005 is the latest of the India Remote Sensing series of Satellites built by the Indian Space Research Organisation. CARTOSAT-1, also known as IRS-P5 is basically a stereo mission. It has two panchromatic cameras onboard namely Aft and Fore, tilted by-5 0 and 26 0 with respect to nadir in along track direction so that stereo data(More)
Medical Imaging Imaging technology in Medicine made the doctors to see the interior portions of the body for easy diagnosis. It also helped doctors to make keyhole surgeries for reaching the interior parts without really opening too much of the body. CT Scanner, Ultrasound and Magnetic Resonance Imaging took over x-ray imaging by making the doctors to look(More)
  • R Manjulasri, M Raghupathy Reddy, K M M Rao
  • 2014
— Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) is the damage caused to the retina of the eye due the complications of diabetes. There are a large number of people, who are suffering from Diabetic Retinopathy that leads to blurring of vision or even blindness, if not treated at an early stage. Hence it is important to detect DR at an earlier stage and provide treatment(More)
  • Spandana Paramkusham, K M M Rao, B V V S N Prabhakar Rao
  • 2013
— Lesions and its contours are prominent signatures to determine malignancy in mammograms. Detection of the masses and their spread in mammogram is important for radiologists. It is also important to detect the shape of the contour or boundary to delineate malignant and benign lesions as malignant lesions have speculated or ill-defined boundary and benign(More)
— Macular degeneration is one of the most common retinal diseases in India. Usually it is observed in people over 60s and is therefore called age related macular degeneration, ARMD or AMD. The macula is responsible for the sharp central vision needed for detailed activities such as reading, writing, driving, face recognition and ability to see colours. Age(More)
  • R Manjula Sri, M Raghupathi Reddy, K M M Rao
  • 2013
Glaucoma is one of the most commonly observed retinal disease in India that leads to blindness if not diagnosed and treated at early stage. There are no specific symptoms for this disease, it is observed by loss of side vision. Glaucoma is a slow progressive degeneration of retinal ganglion cells (RGC) and their axons, resulting in a distinct appearance to(More)
High-resolution satellites such has IRS-1C/1D/Resourcesat-1 and Cartosat-1 have been launched to cater the needs of various application users. These satellites carry panchromatic sensors of 5m or 2.5m resolution respectively. To upsurge the utilization of this data and to improve the image interpretation capability, various digital image processing(More)