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Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) have become an enabling technology for a wide range of applications. In contrast with traditional scenarios where static sensor nodes are densely deployed, a sparse WSN architecture can also be used in many cases. In a sparse WSN, special mobile data collectors (MDCs) are used to gather data from ordinary sensor nodes. In(More)
Nuclear receptors activate or repress target genes depending on the recruitment of coactivators or corepressors. The corepressor RIP140 and the PPAR coactivator 1alpha (PGC-1alpha) both play key roles in the regulated transcription of genes involved in energy homeostasis. We investigated the roles of RIP140 and PGC-1alpha in controlling the expression of(More)
Sparse wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are being effectively used in several applications, which include transportation, urban safety, environment monitoring, and many others. Sensor nodes typically transfer acquired data to other nodes and base stations. Such data transfer operations are critical, especially in sparse WSNs with mobile elements. In this(More)
This paper describes an image processing system that has been coupled with the ACT-R cognitive modeling architecture. The system supports interaction with dynamically changing visual environments associated with off-the-shelf computer games running independently of the model. The image processing techniques have been applied to three different games and are(More)
Endometrial stromal cell culture Endometrial biopsies were obtained by curettage from consenting women aged 18-40 in accordance with local ethics committee requirements. Endometrial stromal cells were isolated and cultured as described previously (1). All experiments were performed within the first three cell passages. To induce decidualization in vitro,(More)
With an increasing number of corporate hospitals, healthcare related issues, research trials and undue attention by media in India, there is a need to focus more on patient's rights and protection. In India, multiple agencies like regulatory bodies, scientific review committees, ethics committees, NGOs, etc. work toward patient rights and protection.(More)
Cognitive models have typically dealt with environments that are either artificial or real but too simplistic. This stems from the fact that the process of describing the environment to the cognitive model is a complex vision problem. In order to realize the full potential of cognitive models, it is imperative that they be able to operate in natural(More)
In the past decade, the effect of internet usage on businesses, has increased rapidly, and new technlogies have increased business productivity by many folds. By using a content management systems (CMSs), small scale businesses with restrained budgets need not to be concerned about hiring professional programmers to put their businesses online through a(More)