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Performance evaluation of mathematical expression recognition systems is attempted. The proposed method assumes expressions (input as well as recognition output) are coded following MathML or TEX/LaTEX (which also gets converted into MathML) format. Since any MathML representation follows a tree structure, evaluation of performance has been modeled as a(More)
In 1995, Naor and Shamir proposed a technique of secret sharing, called visual cryptography. In visual cryptography, the secret message is divided into shares which are copied onto transparencies and given to participants. In general <i>k</i>-out-of-<i>n</i> visual cryptography, at-least <i>k</i> of the <i>n</i> shares belonging to a qualified set need to(More)
Pixel Expansion has been one of the problems of Visual Cryptography that is yet to be properly addressed. Existing methods to deal with this problem either have security vulnerabilities and/or produce results of poor quality. In this paper we propose a grouping based approach to encoding shares in Visual Cryptography without pixel expansion. In our approach(More)
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