Kunal S. Parikh

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Hydrogels, electrospun fiber mats (EFMs), and their composites have been extensively studied for tissue engineering because of their physical and chemical similarity to native biological systems. However, while chemically similar, hydrogels and electrospun fiber mats display very different topographical features. Here, we examine the influence of surface(More)
Achieving stable, long-term performance of implanted neural prosthetic devices has been challenging because of implantation related neuron loss and a foreign body response that results in encapsulating glial scar formation. To improve neuron-prosthesis integration and form chronic, stable interfaces, we investigated the potential of neurotrophin-eluting(More)
PURPOSE To develop and evaluate an antibiotic-eluting suture for ophthalmic surgery. METHODS Wet electrospinning was used to manufacture sutures composed of poly(L-lactide), polyethylene glycol (PEG), and levofloxacin. Size, morphology, and mechanical strength were evaluated via scanning electron microscopy and tensile strength, respectively. In vitro(More)
Trends in Australia's climate means and extremes: A global context. 2003: The spatial distribution of severe thunderstorm and tornado environments from global reanalysis data. 2006: Modelling the recent evolution of global drought and projections for the 21st century with the Hadley Centre climate model.
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