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Despite the growth of social networks, emails still continue to be the building blocks of formal communication within any business organization. For many organizations, email-based information exchange provides the backbone for customer support centers. Analyzing these conversations can provide insights into domain process related lacunae and loopholes in(More)
Microorganisms in the rhizosphere mediate the cycling of nutrients, their enhanced mobilisation and facilitate their uptake, leading to increased root growth, biomass and yield of plants. We examined the promise of beneficial cyanobacteria and eubacteria as microbial inoculants, applied singly or in combination as consortia or biofilms, to improve growth(More)
This paper presents a novel interactive visualization technique that helps in gathering insights from large volumes of text generated through dyadic communications. The emphasis is specifically on showing content evolution and modification with passage of time. The challenge lies in presenting not only the content as a stand-alone but also understand how(More)
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