Kunal Mohan

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Despite organizations' substantial investments in information systems and information technology (IS/IT), the successful realization of appropriate benefits is still often considered a major organizational challenge. Benefits management (BM) aims at resolving this issue and has become increasingly popular in recent years. Although several papers have been(More)
Despite the overwhelming advantages of using IS development and management (ISDM) methodologies, organisations are rarely able to motivate their staff to use them. The resulting lack of methodology usage by individuals fails to deliver the expected advantages of better quality, control, less time, and less effort in IS development projects. We analyse the(More)
The realization of benefits from IS/IT investments has consistently been reported as one of the major challenges of organizations. This paper reports on the findings from an exploratory field study on how benefits management success ultimately contributes to better IS/IT exploitation. A total of 34 semi-structured interviews were held within 29(More)
In 1996, the Cranfield benefits management (BM) process model was developed as a response to organizations' dissatisfaction with the results of information systems and information technology (IS/IT) projects. In contrast with traditional project management dimensions, such as time, cost, and quality, BM emphasizes the need to identify, plan, realize, and(More)