Kunal Kumar Das

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Calcium (Ca) plays an important role in regulating various cellular processes. In a variety of cell types, Ca signaling occurs within microdomains where channels deliver localized pulses of Ca activating a nearby collection of Ca-sensitive receptors. The small number of channels involved ensures that the signaling process is stochastic. The aggregate(More)
In this paper, we propose a computationally efficient Legendre Neural Network (LNN) for nonlinear Active Noise Cancellation(NANC). Update algorithms for NANC with linear secondary path (LSP) based on Filtered-x Least Mean Square (FXLMS), Filtered-e Least Mean Square (FELMS) and Recursive Least Square(RLS) are developed. Update algorithm for NANC with(More)
In this paper, we present an adaptive filtering algorithm for multichannel Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) system in frequency domain. This approach rests upon the frequency domain block filtered-x LMS algorithm and NLMS algorithm, utilization of which facilitates variable step size control for multichannel ANC. Computational complexity for the proposed(More)
We develop a simple thermodynamic model to describe the heat transfer mechanisms and generation of acoustic waves in photoacoustic Raman spectroscopy by small particulate suspensions in a gas. Using Langevin methods to describe the thermal noise we study the signal and noise properties, and from the noise equivalent power we determine the minimum number(More)
A nonzero temperature generalization of the Fermi-Bose mapping theorem is used to study the exact quantum statistical dynamics of a one-dimensional gas of impenetrable bosons on a ring. We investigate the interference produced when an initially trapped gas localized on one side of the ring is released, split via an optical-dipole grating, and recombined on(More)
In this paper an image fusion technique is developed to detect manmade structures from multi-temporal images. Proposed method is a hybrid approach. Histogram based spectral analysis is used to remove contamination of clouds and their shadows recursively that integrates complimentary information to form a composite image from multi temporal images. Then the(More)
In this paper, a feedforward nonlinear active noise cancellation (NANC) system employing a neural network (NN) based filtered-X least mean square algorithm is developed. NN-NANC with linear secondary path (LSP) and nonlinear secondary path (NSP) are unified using virtual secondary path concept. The developed NN-NANC system is also extended to incorporate(More)
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