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In this paper, we present an adaptive filtering algorithm for multichannel Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) system in frequency domain. This approach rests upon the frequency domain block filtered-x LMS algorithm and NLMS algorithm, utilization of which facilitates variable step size control for multichannel ANC. Computational complexity for the proposed(More)
In this paper, we propose a computationally efficient Legendre Neural Network (LNN) for nonlinear Active Noise Cancellation(NANC). Update algorithms for NANC with linear secondary path (LSP) based on Filtered-x Least Mean Square (FXLMS), Filtered-e Least Mean Square (FELMS) and Recursive Least Square(RLS) are developed. Update algorithm for NANC with(More)
In this paper, a feedforward nonlinear active noise cancellation (NANC) system employing a neural network (NN) based filtered-X least mean square algorithm is developed. NN-NANC with linear secondary path (LSP) and nonlinear secondary path (NSP) are unified using virtual secondary path concept. The developed NN-NANC system is also extended to incorporate(More)
In this paper an image fusion technique is developed to detect manmade structures from multi-temporal images. Proposed method is a hybrid approach. Histogram based spectral analysis is used to remove contamination of clouds and their shadows recursively that integrates complimentary information to form a composite image from multi temporal images. Then the(More)
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