Kunal H Kate

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Thermal polymerization of pyrrole was performed using silver nitrate as source of silver ions followed by its conversion to Polypyrrole (PPy)/Ag nano-comoposites without using any external oxidizing agent or solvent. The formation of PPy was monitored by UV-Visible absorption spectroscopy showing a band at approximately 464 nm. XRD measurement confirmed(More)
Phase pure Nickel nano-particles were synthesized by in-situ generation of nickel hydrazine hydrate complex (Ni-HH) followed by its decomposition in an alkaline glycerol medium. The synthesis can be performed in an open beaker with or without the use of surface protective reagents. By using the present method, Ni nano-particles can be prepared in large(More)
Herein we describe synthesis of ZnO nanoparticles by using alkaline solution of ZnX2 (X = NO3, Cl) under ultrasound energy of 20 KHz. The reaction can be completed in about 1-2 hours. As prepared powders were analyzed by XRD measurement to find that the product is hexagonal phase pure ZnO. UV-Visible measurement of aq. solution showed absorption band at(More)
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