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In the area of image processing, several methods of edge detection have been proposed till now like Sobel, Robert, Prewitt, Canny, Marr-Hildreth etc. All these methods are having their own advantages and disadvantages. In this paper a new method has been proposed for edge detection using Cellular Automata. Different rules have been applied for edge(More)
Process-Aware Information Systems (PAIS) is an IT system that support business processes and generate large amounts of event logs from the execution of business processes. An event log is represented as a tuple of CaseID, Timestamp, Activity and Actor. Process Mining is a new and emerging field that aims at analyzing the event logs to discover, enhance and(More)
In this paper we describe a prototype wearable interface that shares a user's first person view and their current emotional state with a remote user in order to create a shared emotional experience. A user evaluation was conducted to explore which interface cues best helped a remote user understand what the local user was feeling. The results showed simple(More)
In this paper we discuss our attempts to find an approximation for the optimal wiring on rectangular structure. Here we are given a rectangle partitioned into smaller rectangles by axis-parallel line segments. Find a subset of the segments such that the resulting structure from these segments is connected and it touches every smaller rectangles. Although(More)
Performance engineering is a badly needed skill for implementing and running IT systems, but performance engineers are hard to find in the market. This paper presents our experiences in rolling out training and certification in a first level course on performance engineering across a large enterprise. We present data and lessons learned on the nominations(More)
ISO (the International organization for stadardiization) and IEC (the International Electrotechnical commission) form the specialized system for worldwide standardization. The first standard of this deals with the threat and countermeasure of biometrics and biometric system application models. Additionally, this international standard provides requirements(More)
A Grid is a special form of distributed computing resources that are available over a network and appears to an end user as one large virtual computing system. Scheduling system plays a vital role to allocate resources to the input jobs. The goal of scheduling is to achieve maximum throughput with the available computing resources. One major issue with the(More)
Object tracking is an important task within the field of computer vision. There are two key steps in video analysis: detection of interesting moving objects and tracking of such objects from frame to frame. Mean shift object tracking algorithm is a feature based algorithm. In this paper color information of object are extracted as well as texture(More)