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High-Throughput Transcriptome Profiling in Drug and Biomarker Discovery
Compared with the traditional RNA-seq, scRNA-seq has higher accuracy and efficiency, especially the single-cell level of gene expression pattern analysis can provide more information for drug and biomarker discovery, therefore, (sc)RNA- sequencing has broader application prospects, especially in the field of drug discovery.
Analysis of codon usage bias and evolution in the chloroplast genome of Mesona chinensis Benth.
Results of cluster analysis and evolutionary tree showed that M. chinensis Benth was closely related to Ocimum basilicum, indicating that there was a certain correlation between the CUB of the chloroplast gene and the genetic relationship of plant species.
A draft genome for Spatholobus suberectus
De novo assembly of the whole S. suberectus genome provides a critical potential resource towards biosynthesis of the main bioactive components and seed development regulation mechanism of this plant.
The complete chloroplast genome sequence of the medicinal plant Sophora tonkinensis
The complete genome sequencing and chloroplast genome comparative analysis of S. tonkinensis and its closely related species presented in this paper will help formulate effective conservation and management strategies as well as molecular identification approaches for this important medicinal plant.
The Fruits of Siraitia grosvenorii: A Review of a Chinese Food-Medicine
The present paper provides a review of the botanical characterization, traditional uses and ethnopharmacology, food and nutritional values, chemical constituents, pharmacological effects, toxicology, and development direction for the future of S. grosvenorii.
Implementation of Floating Treatment Wetlands for Textile Wastewater Management: A Review
The textile industry is one of the most chemically intensive industries, and its wastewater is comprised of harmful dyes, pigments, dissolved/suspended solids, and heavy metals. The treatment of