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Understanding human mobility is crucial for a broad range of applications from disease prediction to communication networks. Most efforts on studying human mobility have so far used private and low resolution data, such as call data records. Here, we propose Twitter as a proxy for human mobility, as it relies on publicly available data and provides high(More)
It has been demonstrated that colon operation combined with fast-track (FT) surgery and laparoscopic technique can shorten the length of hospital stay, accelerate recovery of intestinal function, and reduce the occurrence of post-operative complications. However, there are no reports regarding the combined effects of FT colon operation and laparoscopic(More)
Slow local skin heating (LH) causes vasodilator responses, some of which are dependent on sympathetic nerve function. It is not known, however, how the rate of LH affects either the sympathetic or the nonadrenergic components of the responses to LH and whether the adrenergic effects of LH depend on tonic sympathetic activity or whether LH stimulates(More)
Presynaptic blockade of cutaneous vasoconstrictor nerves (VCN) abolishes the axon reflex (AR) during slow local heating (SLH) and reduces the vasodilator response. In a two-part study, forearm sites were instrumented with microdialysis fibers, local heaters, and laser-Doppler flow probes. Sites were locally heated from 33 to 40 degrees C over 70 min. In(More)
Bacterial biofilms are surface-associated, multicellular, morphologically complex microbial communities. Biofilm-forming bacteria such as the opportunistic pathogen Pseudomonas aeruginosa are phenotypically distinct from their free-swimming, planktonic counterparts. Much work has focused on factors affecting surface adhesion, and it is known that P.(More)
Crowd counting, which count or accurately estimate the number of human beings within a region, is critical in many applications, such as guided tour, crowd control and marketing research and analysis. A crowd counting solution should be scalable and be minimally intrusive (i.e., device-free) to users. Image-based solutions are device-free, but cannot work(More)
Device to device (D2D) communication is expected to become a promising technology of the next-generation wireless communication systems. Security issues have become technical barriers of D2D communication due to its “open-air” nature and lack of centralized control. Generating symmetric keys individually on different communication parties without key(More)
An extracellular carboxylesterase from the moderately halophile Thalassobacillus sp. strain DF-E4 was purified to 8-fold with 11% recovery and specific activity of 2,046 U mg−1. The molecular mass of the native enzyme was approximately 49 kDa as determined by analytical ultracentrifugation, while SDS-PAGE analysis showed a single protein band corresponding(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Fast track (IT) rehabilitation programmes have demonstrated advantages over traditional perioperative care after open colonic surgery; however. their contribution in recovery after laparoscopic colonic surgery is not clearly defined. This study was conducted to estimate the value of FT rehabilitation programme in laparoscopic colonic(More)