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Xen* is an open source virtual machine monitor (VMM) developed at the University of Cambridge to support operating systems (OSs) that have been modified to run on top of the monitor. Intel has extended the Xen VMM to use Intel ® Virtualization Technology ∆ (VT) to support unmodified guest OSs also. This was done for IA-32 Intel ® Architecture processors as(More)
Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) virtualization is an enabling technology in emerging virtualization scenarios. Unfortunately, existing GPU virtualization approaches are still suboptimal in performance and full feature support. This paper introduces gVirt, a product level GPU virtualization implementation with: 1) full GPU virtualization running native(More)
The need to rapidly deploy high quality families of software products has lead researchers and practitioners to investigate how to integrate agile methods and product line engineering techniques in multiple phases of the software development lifecycle. Our research focuses on the requirements engineering (RE) activities. In particular, we are investigating(More)
As an emerging trend, virtualization is more and more widely used in today's computing world. But, the introduc-tion of virtual machines bring trouble for the power man-agement (PM for short), since the operating system can not directly access and control the hardware as before. Solu-tions were proposed to manage the power in the server con-solidation case.(More)
Chemotherapy is commonly used in cancer treatments, however only 25% of cancers are responsive and a significant proportion develops resistance. The p53 tumour suppressor is crucial for cancer development and therapy, but has been less amenable to therapeutic applications due to the complexity of its action, reflected in 66,000 papers describing its(More)
In vitro cell culture and animal models are the most heavily relied upon tools of the pharmaceutical industry. When these tools fail, the results are costly and have at times, proven deadly. One promising new tool to enhance preclinical development of drugs is Organs on Chips (OOCs), proposed as a clinically and physiologically relevant means of modeling(More)