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Web Services have widely employed in many application fields. The loosely coupled and distributed characters of Web Services also incur trustworthiness problem. Quality of service, reputation and security all can be taken into account for trustworthy Web Services. The three aspects affect each other. In this paper, we propose concept of trustworthy Web(More)
The prediction of link quality can provide link selection service for the upper-layer protocol in wireless sensor networks (WSNs). This paper presents a link quality prediction mechanism based on time series forecasting model. It mainly includes the calculation of the current value of packet reception rate (PRR), the prediction of the future value, and the(More)
A field data includes text, numeric data, GPS, photo, video, barcodes, and audio to introduce the plant classification in the university campus and some campus tour are provided. The traditional interface by website is not anymore convenient to introduce all the contents. A new platform, including Google Fusion Tables and Google Map, is implemented to(More)
The incentive mechanisms based on reputation are often used to induce cooperation among selfish nodes in ad hoc networks. In those mechanisms nodes with lower reputation value will receive less benefit, which suffers from a new problem of second-ordered free riding. Refusing service request from bad nodes will increase the defector's own reputation, so(More)
As buildings become taller and more complex, establishing clear evacuation routes becomes very important in the event of a fire or other emergency. In this paper, Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and real time escape route guidance are integrated to accomplish a real-time fire evacuation system to guide along an(More)
Based on the analysis of the existing utility-based forwarding mechanisms, for the inefficient forwarding of history encounter time based forwarding mechanism in the initial phase of the node movement, a Random and Encounter Time Based algorithm named RET is proposed in this paper. RET divides the nodes moving into two phases--random forwarding phase(More)
The self-interest of peers degrades the system usability of P2P file sharing networks. Debt-based files exchange network constructs an incentive mechanism which induces cooperative and equivalent file exchange where creditor's rights between neighbors play as light weight cash in file download. Creditor's rights need only be maintained between neighbors, so(More)
In order to improve efficiency of parameter curve or surface machining, NURBS interpolation algorithm is proposed based on piecewise feed-rate planning. NURBS curve is initially dispersed into micro lines segmentations by uniform error method. With constraint of kinematic characters of machine tool, NURBS curve is divided into curve segmentations and(More)
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