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We have characterized the magnetic, mechanical, and optical properties of SU-8 polymer with embedded nickel nanoparticles (SU8-Ni) of concentrations ranging from 0% to 12.5% Ni by weight. Magnetic characterization was performed using a micropolysilicon torsional actuator as well as via alternating gradient magnetometry. Mechanical properties were measured(More)
File encryption is an effective way for an enterprise to prevent its data from being lost. However, the data may still be deliberately or inadvertently leaked out by the insiders or customers. When the sensitive data are leaked, it often results in huge monetary damages and credit loss. In this paper, we propose a novel group file encryption/decryption(More)
After a transient ischemic attack of the cardiac vascular system, reactive oxygen-derived free radicals, including the superoxide (O2-.) and hydroxyl (.OH) radicals can be easily produced during reperfusion. These free radicals have been suggested to be responsible for reperfusion-induced cardiac stunning and reperfusion-induced arrhythmia. Hydrogen(More)
To avoid resources on green earth being exhausted much earlier by human beings, energy saving has been one of the key issues in our everyday lives. In fact, energy control for some appliances is an effective method to save energy at home, since it prevents users from consuming too much energy. Even though there are numerous commercial energy-effective(More)
1. Following ischaemic reperfusion, large amounts of superoxide anion (.O2-), hydroxyl radical (.OH) and H2O2 are produced, resulting in brain oedema and changes in cerebral vascular permeability. We have found that H2O2 (100 microM) induces a significant intracellular acidosis in both cultured rat cerebellar astrocytes (0.37 +/- 0.04 pH units) and C6(More)
Three-party authenticated key exchange protocol is designed for securing the communication between two users with the help of a trusted server. The users can encrypt data with the exchanged secret keys and then transmit the cipher text to each other. However, the inefficiency, unreliability, and inflexibility problems that can be found in many previous(More)
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