Kun-Fu Tseng

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A gain factor adapted by both the intra-frame masking properties of the human auditory system and the inter-frame SNR variation is proposed to enhance a speech signal corrupted by additive noise. In this article we employ an averaging factor, varying with time–frequency, to improve the estimate of the a priori SNR. In turn, this SNR estimate is utilized to(More)
Because of the coefficient of thermal expansion and the hygroscopic swelling mismatches on plastic packaging materials, stress and reliability issues on microelectronic packaging structures are extremely important for the packaging industry. Through the self-design test chips with the piezoresistive microstress sensors, this paper presents the experimental(More)
Most of speech enhancement systems suffer from annoying musical residual noise which significantly reduces the perception quality of enhanced speech. In this study, we aim at reducing the musical residual noise by a two-stage speech enhancement approach. At the first stage, a noisy speech signal is enhanced by a three-step speech enhancement system which is(More)
A speech enhancement algorithm adapted by both intra- frame masking properties of the human auditory system and inter-frame SNR variation is proposed to enhance a speech signal corrupted by colored noise. Herein, we employ a gain factor adapted by the SNR variation to reduce the spectral variation over successive frames, so the effect of musical residual(More)
Three-dimensional (3D) structure with through silicon via (TSV) technology is emerging as a key issue in microelectronic packaging industry, and electrical reliability has become one of the main technical subjects for the TSV designs. However, criteria used for TSV reliability tests have not been consistent in the literature, so that the criterion itself(More)
Telematics systems are becoming important digital products in near future. However, the most of current telematics systems are isolated from the networks. All of the services are embedded on one single system that has caused lack of diverse information services, and want a more powerful embedded system to support. In this paper, an architecture of cloud(More)
Most of speech enhancement systems suffer from musical residual noise which can be efficiently removed by a post processor. However, post-processing on enhanced speech will impact a speech signal, causing a quantity of speech distortion. Speech quality is deteriorated. In this study, we proposed using harmonic compensation to improve speech quality for a(More)
Employing masking properties of the human ear to adapt a speech enhancement system has been widely developed to improve the quality of an enhanced speech signal. The spectral estimate of speech plays a major role in computing the noise masking threshold when simultaneous masking properties is considered. Although traditional methods using(More)
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