Kun-Chee Henry Fok

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To study the efficacy of a single bedtime dose of H2-receptor antagonist in the healing of duodenal ulcer, a 12-week randomized double-blind controlled trial of oxmetidine, which is equipotent to cimetidine and has a similar duration of action, was performed in 80 patients. Oxmetidine, 600 mg bedtime, resulted in significantly more complete healing than(More)
Of 212 patients with duodenal ulcer treated with four weeks of one gram daily cimetidine, 25 had ulcers which underwent no reduction in size despite treatment. The effects of tripotassium dicitrato bismuthate (TDB) tablet four times a day or cimetidine 1.6 g daily on the healing of these cimetidine resistant ulcers were compared in a randomised crossover(More)
5 Katz DH. The aller'ic phenotype. Manifestation of "allergic breakthrough" and imbalance in ncrmal "damping" of IgE antibody production. Piroxicam is a commonly used non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. Its advantages include its high efficacy, its long plasma half life (mean of 38 hours), which enables it to be taken as a single daily dose, and its(More)
The endoscopic healing rates and factors related to healing of two cimetidine regimens designed to reduce respectively postprandial and nocturnal acid secretions were studied in a randomised trial of cimetidine 200 mg tds with meals, vs 600 mg at bedtime, vs 200 mg tds with meals plus 400 mg at bedtime in 246 patients with duodenal ulcer. The respective(More)
A 12-week study with two weekly endoscopic assessments was performed in 138 patients to compare the efficacy of sucralfate fine granules (900 mg one-half hour before breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and at bedtime) versus placebo in the healing of gastric ulcers prestratified into corpus, prepyloric, and duodenal ulcer-associated. For corpus and prepyloric(More)
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