Kun-Che Hsu

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An Internet of Things (IoT) system features integration information from heterogeneous sensor devices, allowing them to deliver a variety of sensed information through networks. An IoT broker in the system acts as an information exchange center, relaying periodic messages from heterogeneous sensor devices to IoT clients. As more devices participate in the(More)
In the recent decade, VOIP and multimedia service through mobile devices are the major trend in the mobile network because of the pervasive handy devices and more advanced cellular network deployed in the world. The next generation network (NGN) solution - IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) has great potential to provide a variety of multimedia services.(More)
Since the government data is credible, plentiful, and relevant to citizen, the government disclosures part of its data as government open data to stimulate the development of public applications [1]. The trip planning application providing as the best path for the trip [2] draws the most attention for people. In this article, we proposed a real-time trip(More)
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