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Today's smartphones are shipped with various embedded motion sensors, such as the accelerometer, gyroscope, and orientation sensors. These motion sensors are useful in supporting the mobile UI innovation and motion-based commands. However, they also bring potential risks of leaking user's private information as they allow third party applications to monitor(More)
Smartphone users have their own unique behavioral patterns when tapping on the touch screens. These personal patterns are reflected on the different rhythm, strength, and angle preferences of the applied force. Since smart phones are equipped with various sensors like accelerometer, gyroscope, and touch screen sensors, capturing a user's tapping behaviors(More)
Tables are ubiquitous in digital libraries. In scientific documents, tables are widely used to present experimental results or statistical data in a condensed fashion. However, current search engines do not support table search. The difficulty of automatic extracting tables from un-tagged documents, the lack of a universal table metadata specification, and(More)
Privacy concern is still one of the major issues that prevent users from moving to public clouds. The root cause of the privacy problem is that the cloud provider has more privileges than it is necessary, which leaves no options for the cloud users to protect their privacy. Due to the same problem, once the control virtual machine or the cloud platform is(More)
Cloud computing has changed how services are provided and supported through the computing infrastructure. However, recent work [11] reveals that virtual machine (VM) colocation based side-channel attack can leak users’ privacy. Techniques have been developed against side-channel attacks. Some of them like NoHype remove the hypervisor layer, which suggests(More)
The adoption of the cloud computing model continues to be dominated by startups seeking to build new applications that can take advantage of the cloud's pay-as-you-go pricing and resource elasticity. In contrast, large enterprises have been slow to adopt the cloud model, partly because migrating legacy applications to the cloud is technically non-trivial(More)
Tables are used to present, list, summarize, and structure important data in documents. In scholarly articles, they are often used to present the relationships among data and high-light a collection of results obtained from experiments and scientific analysis. In digital libraries, extracting this data automatically and understanding the structure and(More)
As the rapid growth of PDF documents, recognizing the document structure and components are useful for document storage, classification and retrieval. Table, a ubiquitous document component, becomes an important information source. Accurately detecting the table boundary plays a crucial role for many applications, e.g., the increasing demand on the table(More)
Cloud computing is becoming more and more popular in computing infrastructure and it also introduces new security problems. For example, a physical server shared by many virtual machines can be taken over by an attacker if the virtual machine monitor is compromised through one of the virtual machines. Thus, collocating with vulnerable virtual machines, or(More)