Kumudini Sharma

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Leukoencephalopathy with severe hypertension is a recently described entity in nephrology, with only a few case reports to date in children. We prospectively studied 18 children with severe hypertension to evaluate the clinical features, severity, reversibility, and prognosis. All were subjected to clinical and biochemical tests, magnetic resonance imaging(More)
PURPOSE To report an unusual presentation of tuberculosis. CASE REPORT A six-year old boy presented with left upper lid swelling of 15 days' duration and an asymptomatic midline neck mass from 2 months ago. Imaging studies, and microbiologic tests which demonstrated acid-fast bacilli in the fine needle aspirate of the thyroid mass, both confirmed a(More)
A 14-year-old girl developed fever, severe headache, vomiting, and no light perception in both eyes over a 3-day period without a previous complaint of visual or other neurologic difficulties. Neuro-ophthalmologic examination was normal apart from meningismus and blindness. Brain imaging showed ventriculomegaly and multiple enhancing nodules around the(More)
Four Indian patients with occipital lesions of cysticercosis presented with visual hallucinations. Neuro-ophthalmic and systemic examinations were normal in all cases except for one patient who had a partial homonymous hemianopia. Electroencephalography was normal in all cases. Neuroimaging revealed ring-enhancing lesions in the occipital lobe typical of(More)
PURPOSE To report two cases of a cystic isolated extraocular muscle abscess in a young boy. METHOD Case report. RESULTS Two cases of young boys with a cystic isolated extraocular muscle abscess are described. Each presented as an inflammatory lesion in the orbit that had been stable for approximately three weeks. Neurodiagnostic imaging of the two cases(More)
Pulsatile proptosis is caused by vascular lesion of orbit or by herniation of brain through bony defect in orbit. Pulsatile proptosis secondary to a metastatic tumor of orbit is very uncommon. We report a 69-year-old male who presented with pulsatile proptosis owing to metastasis of an asymptomatic renal cell carcinoma.
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES The prevalence of Graves' ophthalmopathy (GO) varies widely in different ethnic groups. Indians have been reported to have a lower prevalence of Graves' ophthalmopathy as compared to Caucasians of European origin, but data are sparse and inconclusive. We studied the prevalence, clinical features and association of GO in Indian(More)
INTRODUCTION Temporal lobe tumors commonly present with seizures, headache, auditory and visual hallucination, memory disturbance. Isolated cranial neuropathies are rare in patients with tumors affecting temporal lobe. METHODS AND MATERIAL The authors report a retrospective review of two cases of glioblastoma multiforme of the temporal lobe presenting(More)