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Pattern recognition is very challenging multidisciplinary research area attracting researchers and practitioners. Gesture recognition is a specialized pattern recognition task with the goal of interpreting human gestures via mathematical models. One of the usages of gesture recognition is the sign language recognition which is the basic communication method(More)
Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs) are a collection of mobile nodes that are dynamically and randomly move and self organize within a given topology. In MANET, Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is unable to distinguish packet losses due to congestion or route/link failures due to mobility of nodes. Hence the way how routing protocols respond to route(More)
Till now many optimization algorithms are available for solving complex problems. The algorithm that has created an impact is the numerical function optimization. Some of the existing optimization algorithms are classified into evolutionary computing and metaheuristic methods. A comprehensive survey on numerical function optimization is presented below with(More)
Improving visual clarity of an image is conveniently achieved by various contrast enhancement techniques. Histogram equalization results in excess contrast enhancement. When fuzzy concepts are used for color image enhancement it creates visual artifacts. But contrast enhancement using ACO (Ant Colony Optimization) technique avoids excess contrast(More)
Due to the frequent appearance of time series data in various fields, it has always been an essential and interesting research field. A time series analysis involves the methods for analyzing time series data, in order to mine meaningful and other relevant characteristics of the data. In most cases, time series data are quantitative values, so to come up(More)