Kumud Dharwal

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Foramina parietalia permagna or enlarged parietal foramina are a rare variant estimated to be less than 1 in 25,000 cases. Out of 150 dry macerated skulls studied one skull showed 2 large parietal foramina measuring 17.38 x 27.67 mm (right) and 15.31 x 25.46 mm (left) in size. Between them, across the sagittal suture, was a transverse communicating(More)
In a study of 156 skulls the interior of one particular skull showed many additional foramina on the sphenoid bone, one large foramen almost on the centre of sella turcica (0.64%) (the large craniopharyngeal canal); a second foramen on the inferomedial angle of the optic canal (the lateral craniopharyngeal canal), which were also present in 2 more skulls(More)
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