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We previously reported the effectiveness of trans-aconitic acid (TAA) as an antileishmanial compound. Inhibitory effects of TAA along with other antileishmanial compounds on transformation and in vitro multiplication in macrophage cultures of Leishmania donovani have been assessed. The efficacy of TAA in combined chemotherapy of experimental visceral(More)
A chemically defined medium using commercially available alpha-MEM supplemented with hemin, HEPES, L-glutamine, D-glucose, folic acid, D-biotin and adenine supports the luxuriant growth and propagation of Leishmania donovani promastigotes. A peak parasite population of about 7.0 x 10(7)/ml at stationary phase and a population doubling time of 11.4 h for(More)
The effect of nicotine on the ultrastructural changes and hormone contents of the neural lobe of the pituitary were studied in the rat. Nicotine caused a significant release of both vasopressin and oxytocin from the neural lobe. The examination of the neural lobe with electron microscope reveals the nerve terminals depleted of neurosecretory granules. These(More)
The paper presents major lipid classes and their fatty acids investigated from Ascaridia galli, a nematode parasite of country fowl. Thin layer chromatography (TLC) reveals that the percent of total lipid, neutral lipid, phospholipids, and glycolipids are 1.94, 54.39, 26.95 and 18.66, respectively. Gas-liquid chromatography (GLC) analysis shows that the(More)
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