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This paper discusses a Robot Partner System for Interactive communication with Human using sensor network. Basically, the robot has a sensor to detect object in the environment. However, the equipped sensors on the robot are not enough to obtain the information about the person and the environment. Therefore, sensor networks are applied to the robot system(More)
Robot therapy is expected to have psychological, physiological and social effects as well as animal therapy. Especially, therapeutic seal robot, Paro is used in the various facilities for elderly and spreading in the world. However, the caregivers used Paro freely, and the way of using Paro was different among them. Therefore, the effects are influenced by(More)
In this study, evaluation experiment was conducted on an interactive puppet theater, a puppetry system designed for deaf children to enhance their enjoyment of performances. An interactive puppet theater has two features: a feature that ensures the transmission of information by textualizing dialogue information and a feature that encourages deaf children(More)
In this study, we have improved the Universal Puppet Theater. Improvements have been made to branching scenes in the story. The exploratory evaluation experiment was a within-subject comparison of the existing version and improved version of the system. The subjects were 53 hearing-capable fourth-grade elementary school children. The results of analysis(More)
In this study, we examined the feature of the audience participation in the progress of the story in Puppet Theater. Puppet Theater is a puppet show system developed that is designed for appreciation by hearing-impaired children. Wada et al. (2012) conducted preliminary evaluation experiments performed with 52 healthy elementary school children who were(More)
The authors conducted questionnaire surveys utilizing model cases with the aim of investigating the current views of psychiatrists regarding criminal responsibility judgments in forensic psychiatric evaluations. Six model cases-injury by a person with acute schizophrenia, indecent assault by a person with chronic schizophrenia, attempted murder by a woman(More)
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