Kumiko Hayashi

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The time-courses of action of Trp 62-modified lysozymes on the initial substrate chitopentaose were measured by means of high-performance gel-filtration. The activities of the modified lysozymes, represented by the rate of disappearance of the initial substrate (overall rate) were lowered to various extents depending on the method of the modification. On(More)
The fluctuation theorem (FT), which is a recent achievement in non-equilibrium statistical mechanics, has been suggested to be useful for measuring the driving forces of motor proteins. As an example of this application, we performed single-molecule experiments on F1-ATPase, which is a rotary motor protein, in which we measured its rotary torque by taking(More)
Vacuolar-type H+-pumping ATPases (V-ATPases) perform remarkably diverse functions in eukaryotic organisms. They are present in the membranes of many organelles and regulate the pH of several intracellular compartments. A family of V-ATPases is also present in the plasma membranes of some bacteria. Such V-ATPases function as ATP-synthases. Each V-ATPase is(More)
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