Kumeko Ohmura

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Reported was the first case of myxopapillary ependymoma arising from the right lateral ventricle of a 29-year-old Japanese male. The histological and ultrastructural findings were identical to those from the filum terminale. It was suggested that insudation of plasma proteins found within hyaline-thickened blood vessels in the tumor stroma represented the(More)
The present research investigated the prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) among a previously understudied group of Asian nursing professionals in a rural setting. A total of 305 female nurses (84% response rate) were recruited from a university teaching hospital in Yamanashi prefecture, central Japan. Data were gathered by means of a(More)
BACKGROUND Although hand dermatitis represents a common occupational disease among hospital nurses, epidemiologic studies of this nature are comparatively rare in Japan. METHODS We recruited a complete cross-section of nurses from a teaching hospital in central Japan. Data was gathered by means of a self-reported questionnaire, with hand dermatitis(More)
OBJECTIVE Vascular surgical techniques have contributed to the success of pharyngoesophageal reconstruction. We report our methods and analysis of postoperative complications, quality of life, and long-term prognosis. METHODS Sixty-seven patients who underwent pharyngoesophageal reconstruction with use of vascular anastomoses comprised the study(More)
To clarify the pathogenetic mechanisms in acute gastric lesions induced by vibration (VIB), the effects of VIB (3.0 G, 10 Hz, 90 min) on changes in gastric mucosal blood flow (GMBF), plasma corticosterone (COR) and catecholamines (CA) as well as ulcer formation were compared with those of forced water immersion stress (FWI). While the VIB increased the GMBF(More)
Preoperative chemotherapy with 5-FU was carried out on patients with gastric and colorectal cancer. 5-FU was given at a dose of 500 mg daily with a drip infusion for 7 days (Group A), with a one-shot intravenous infusion daily (Group B) and orally for 7 days (Group C). Histological effects were evaluated, using the criteria proposed by Ohboshi. In group A(More)
We investigated the clinical significance of squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) antigen determined by radioimmunoassay on patients with uroepithelial carcinoma. Serum SCC antigen levels and the positive rates were significantly higher in uroepithelial carcinoma having an SCC component than in normal controls, benign urologic diseases, other urogenital(More)
Three cases of unusual poorly differentiated ('insular') carcinoma of the thyroid gland are presented. These three thyroid carcinomas were large; the tumors from patients 1 and 3 were encapsulated, and that from patient 2 showed invasive growth. Microscopically the tumors were characterized by well-defined solid nests (insulae), which were composed of(More)
Several problems have been pointed out in colony formation assay (CFA) developed by Hamburger and Salmon. We studied those using 87 fresh renal carcinoma, comprising of 72 renal cell carcinoma and 15 transitional cell carcinoma of renal pelvis. Results are as follows: Pure single cell suspension was difficult to be yielded from these carcinoma. Our result(More)