Kumari Radha

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Wound repair requires both recruitment and well co-ordinated actions of many cell types including inflammatory cells, endothelial cells, epithelial cells and importantly fibroblast cells. Urokinase-type plasminogen activator (uPA) system plays a vital role in wound healing phenomenon. We have previously demonstrated that C-phycocyanin (C-pc), a biliprotein(More)
The Research about Advanced Multi Material Decomposition of Dual energy in Computed Tomography image to find the liver diseases. The Existing system Multi material Decomposition(MMD) to find the liver disease using single energy. It was use Virtual Unenhancement algorithm. which is digitally removal of the effect of contrast agents from contrast-enhanced(More)
In general, the Join of two totally regular fuzzy graphs need not be a totally regular fuzzy graph. In this paper, necessary and sufficient conditions for the Join of two totally regular fuzzy graphs to be totally regular under some restrictions are obtained. 1. Introduction A fuzzy subset of a set V is a mapping σ from V to [0,1]. A fuzzy graph G is a pair(More)
Self-transforming robot is a robot which transforms its shape according to the hindrance occurring in the path where the robots are being moved. Such robots have been recognized as very attractive design in exhibiting the reliable transformation according to the situations. Military and defense application needs a robot should possess arbitrary movements(More)
In this paper, lexicographic products of two fuzzy graphs namely, lexicographic min-product and lexicographic max-product which are analogous to the concept lexicographic product in crisp graph theory are defined. It is illustrated that the operations lexicographic products are not commutative. The connected, effective and complete properties of the(More)
The sheer volume of data today and its expected growth over the next years are some of the key challenges in data mining and knowledge discovery applications. Besides the huge number of data samples that are collected and processed, the high dimensional nature of data arising in many applications causes the need to develop effective and efficient techniques(More)
Video Segmentation is an important research topic in image processing. Interactive image segmentation algorithms are sensitive to the user inputs and often unable to produce an accurate boundary with a small amount of user interaction. They frequently rely on laborious user editing to refine the segmentation boundary. The proposed method exhibits many(More)
In the last few years, the need for compact and embedded systems has expanded incredibly in all fields. For this ARM development platform is the ideal and practical answer for planning a new product design. ARM platforms carry a generally positive result regarding speed, accuracy, adaptability, size and cost. In the present situation the embedded systems(More)
  • Ajithkumar P, Ajithkumar, Balamurugan K, K Radha
  • 2012
Villorita cyprinoides is a black water clam that belongs to a group of the genus Villorita; species cyprinoides (Fam:Corbiculidae) were found in the backwaters of Kerala, mainly in Vembanad backwaters. Clams are considered to be nutritious and delicious and are fished in considerable quantities in some coastal places, known to scavenge and deactivate free(More)