Kumaresan Jayaraman

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Uptake of neurotransmitters by sodium-coupled monoamine transporters of the NSS family is required for termination of synaptic transmission. Transport is tightly regulated by protein-protein interactions involving the small cytoplasmic segments at the amino- and carboxy-terminal ends of the transporter. Although structures of homologues provide information(More)
Human neurotransmitter transporters are found in the nervous system terminating synaptic signals by rapid removal of neurotransmitter molecules from the synaptic cleft. The homologous transporter LeuT, found in Aquifex aeolicus, was crystallized in different conformations. Here, we investigated the inward-open state of LeuT. We compared LeuT in membranes(More)
Background Neurotransmitter transporters of the SLC1 and SCL6 family are found on presynaptic neurons and on glia cells. The function of these transporters is the termination of neurotransmission by the rapid removal of the neurotrans-mitter molecules from the synaptic cleft. These transporters couple substrate transport to ion gradients of sodium and(More)
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