Kumaresan Ganapathy

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Near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) is being increasingly used for medical applications, including neurosurgical care. This preliminary report describes the use of a low cost, indigenous, non-invasive system where NIRS is used to identify superficial unilateral intracranial abnormalities. The optical density (OD) over each hemisphere was initially studied in(More)
We present an isolated purely intranasal meningoencephalocele, presenting as a nasal polyp in an adult, which is uncommon. Based on a review of the literature, we emphasize that nasal obstruction may be the only presenting symptom of an intranasal meningoencephalocele.
The objective of this study is to check the feasibility of in vivo rectal dose measurement in intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) and CyberKnife treatments for carcinoma prostate. An in-house pelvis phantom made with bee's wax was used in this study. Two cylindrical bone equivalent materials were used to simulate the femur. Target and other critical(More)
Total body irradiation (TBI) is a special radiotherapy technique, administered prior to bone marrow transplantation. Due to the complex nature of the treatment setup, in vivo dosimetry for TBI is mandatory to ensure proper delivery of the intended radiation dose throughout the body. Lithium fluoride (LiF) TLD-100 chips are used for the TBI in vivo(More)
Extracranial metastasis arising from primary intracranial malignant tumours are rare. Cases documented have arisen from tumours arising from glial cells or from undifferentiated neurons. Extracranial deposits from intracranial malignant nerve sheath tumours have not been documented. This case report shows histological similarity - rhabdomyoblastic(More)
Gafchromic films are used as dosimeter for in vivo and in phantom dose measurements. The dose response of Gafchromic EBT2 film under single and repeated exposure conditions is compared in this study to analyze the usability of Gafchromic EBT2 films in cumulative dose measurements. The post-irradiation change in response of the film is studied for up to 4(More)