Kumaraswamy Ramesh

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In this study, we have synthesized the gold nanoparticles by using Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, a medicinal plant. The gold nanoparticles were synthesized rapidly by the involvement of microwave heating. By changing of plant extract concentration, gold solution concentration, microwave heating time and power of microwave heating the optimized condition was(More)
Different composite propellant mixtures have been prepared using ammonium perchlorate, aluminium powder and hydroxyl terminated polybutadiene by varying the percentage of plasticiser and addition of toluene diisocyanate at different temperatures, and studied their different properties such as viscosity build-up, mechanical and ballistic properties and(More)
Electrical switching in germanium telluride glasses containing metallic atoms (Cu and Ag) has been investigated. All these glasses are found to exhibit memory switching. The switching fields of these glasses are compared with the thermal parameters evaluated from DSC studies and the results are explained on the basis of the thermal model. The composition(More)
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