Kumara Krishnan

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Orientation, scale, sharp image transitions or singularities such as edges, and the other visual appearance are the major problem in texture classification. Texture classification is one of the most importantissue in image processing and computer vision. The applications of texture classification depends on classifying patterns or identifying objects in the(More)
The aim of this paper is to represent a method where a blind person can get information about the shape of an image through speech signal. In this paper we proposed an algorithm for image recognition by speech sound. Blind people face a number of challenges when interacting with their environments because so much information is encoded visually. The(More)
We present a two-party secure information processing protocol referred to as SIPPA-2.0 - targeted towards privacy preserving biometric data comparison and reconstruction. The original intention of SIPPA as reported previously is to enable private data comparison and reconstruction between a client and a server when (a) the client possesses some data that(More)
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