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—The two most prevalent notions of common information (CI) are due to Wyner and Gács-Körner and both the notions can be stated as two different characteristic points in the lossless Gray-Wyner region. Although the information theoretic characterizations for these two CI quantities can be easily evaluated for random variables with infinite entropy (eg.,(More)
Analysis of phenotypic data for 20 drought tolerance traits in 1–7 seasons at 1–5 locations together with genetic mapping data for two mapping populations provided 9 QTL clusters of which one present on CaLG04 has a high potential to enhance drought tolerance in chickpea improvement. Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) is the second most important grain legume(More)
— This paper studies the zero-delay source-channel coding problem, and specifically the problem of obtaining the vector transformations that optimally map between the m-dimensional source space and k-dimensional channel space, under a given transmission power constraint and for the mean square error distortion. The functional properties of the cost are(More)
There has been considerable interest in distributed source coding within the compression and sensor network research communities in recent years, primarily due to its potential contributions to low-power sensor networks. However, two major obstacles pose an existential threat on practical deployment of such techniques in real world sensor networks, namely,(More)
—When is optimal estimation linear? It is well-known that, in the case of a Gaussian source contaminated with Gaussian noise, a linear estimator minimizes the mean square estimation error. This paper analyzes more generally the conditions for linearity of optimal estimators. Given a noise (or source) distribution , and a specified signal to noise ratio(More)
—This paper considers the problem of characterizing the optimal tradeoff between the total transmit versus receive rate in the Gray-Wyner network. This tradeoff plays a crucial role in many important practical applications including establishing fundamental limits in databases for correlated sources and in minimum cost routing for networks. We develop the(More)
—In this paper, we consider the problem of minimum cost joint compression and routing for networks with multiple-sinks and correlated sources. We introduce a routing paradigm, called dispersive information routing, wherein the intermediate nodes are allowed to forward a subset of the received bits on subsequent paths. This paradigm opens up a rich class of(More)
—This paper presents a new achievable rate-distortion region for the L-channel multiple descriptions problem. Currently , the best known region for this problem is due to Venkataramani, Kramer and Goyal [3]. Their encoding scheme is an extension of the Zhang-Berger scheme to the L-channel case and includes a combinatorial number of refinement codebooks, one(More)
—We recently proposed a new coding scheme for the L-channel multiple descriptions (MD) problem for general sources and distortion measures involving 'Combinatorial Message Sharing' (CMS) [7] leading to a new achievable rate-distortion region. Our objective in this paper is to establish that this coding scheme strictly subsumes the most popular region for(More)
—This paper proposes a new multiple description (MD) coding method and an associated achievable rate-distortion region for L ≥ 2 channels. The proposed scheme randomly bins codebooks chosen from the codebook structure, similar to that of the recently proposed combinatorial message sharing (CMS) scheme designed for conditional codebook encoding. The proposed(More)