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Localization in 3D is an important problem with wide ranging applications from autonomous navigation in robotics to location specific services on mobile devices. GPS sensors are a commercially viable option for localization, and are ubiquitous in their use, especially in portable devices. With the proliferation of mobile cameras however, maturing(More)
We propose a novel approach to schedule services like Wi-Fi and 3G on smartphones. Using Wi-Fi as an example, we show that intelligent scheduling based on a user's activity level leads to lower power consumption without adversely affecting the user experience. Data from various sensors is used to model and predict a user's activity, which is then used to(More)
The world’s surface temperature has increased at an unprecedented rate due to global warming. This has impacted the hydrological cycle and rainfall pattern. The Indian Summer Monsoon Rainfall season (ISMR), which plays a very important role in regulating the floods and droughts, regulates the crop yield, well being of the society, employment generation, and(More)
Adult muscle precursor (AMP) cells located in the notum of the larval wing disc undergo rapid amplification and eventual fusion to generate the Drosophila melanogaster indirect flight muscles (IFMs). Here we find that loss of Moleskin (Msk) function in these wing disc-associated myoblasts reduces the overall AMP pool size, resulting in the absence of IFM(More)
An efficient and low-cost method of examining larval movement in Drosophila melanogaster is needed to study how mutations and/or alterations in the muscular, neural, and olfactory systems affect locomotor behavior. Here, we describe the implementation of wrMTrck, a freely available ImageJ plugin originally developed for examining multiple behavioral(More)
Over the course of a 4-day period of metamorphosis, the Drosophila larval nervous system is remodeled to prepare for adult-specific behaviors. One example is the reorganization of peripheral nerves in the abdomen, where five pairs of abdominal nerves (A4-A8) fuse to form the terminal nerve trunk. This reorganization is associated with selective remodeling(More)
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