Kumar V. Singh

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The group mutual exclusion (GME) problem is a generalization of the mutual exclusion problem. In group mutual exclusion, a process requests a session before entering its critical section (CS). Processes requesting the same session are allowed to be in their CS simultaneously, however, processes requesting different sessions must execute their CS in mutually(More)
Multiple motor setup has vast application in industries. The application can be in textile mills, paper mills and robotics. In these all application the synchronization is must between the motors to perform certain task. Speed synchronization is very essential in these all operation to avoid damage to the product. The synchronization is done by using(More)
Classification systems proposed are based on the cleft lip and palate morphology and a few are based on the embryonic principles, the main aim to propose these classification systems was to ease the treatment planning. Not only this it helps the patient to name, grade, remember, plan and discuss the clinical scenario. Some of the classifications are Tessier(More)
This paper aims at designing and implementation of Hindi number recognition system using the microphone and mobile recorded speech. Spectral features known to represent phonetic information are used as the features to characterize different Hindi digits. Gaussian mixture models (GMM) are used to develop the digit recognition system. This paper focuses on(More)
In this paper, we present an intelligent solution system for travelling salesman problem. The solution has three stages. The first stage uses Clustering Analysis in Data Mining to classify all customers by a number of attributes, such as distance, demand level, the density of customer, and city layout. The second stage introduces how to generate feasible(More)
Active control of undesirable vibrations in structures, such as automobiles, rotors, air/space crafts, buildings, bridges etc., can be realized by pole and/or zero assignment. The Pole assignment problems in active control deals with reassigning a small set of unwanted eigenvalues and/or eigenvectors by using feedback control force to suitably chosen(More)
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