Kumar Ramaiyer

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Given a collection S of n line segments in the plane, the planar point location problem is to construct a data structure that can eeciently determine for a given query point p the rst segment(s) in S intersected by vertical rays emanating out from p. It is well known that linear-space data structures can be constructed so as to achieve O(log n) query times.(More)
The well-known B-tree data structure provides a mechanism for dynamically maintaining balanced binary trees in external memory. We present an external-memory dynamic data structure for maintaining arbitrary binary trees. Our data structure, which we call the topology B-tree, is an external-memory analogue to the internal-memory topol-ogy tree data structure(More)
We present a method for maintaining biased search trees so as to support fast finger updates (i.e., updates in which one is given a pointer to the part of the tree being changed). We illustrate the power of such biased finger trees by showing how they can be used to derive an optimal <italic>O</italic>(<italic>n</italic>log<italic>n</italic>) algorithm for(More)
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