Kumar Patra

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Human kinetic energy can be transferred in a number of ways. Human energy is most commonly used to propel bicycles, but can also be used to generate electricity and power hand-crank tools. The articles on this page are about human kinetic energy and its many uses. Gravitational force acts on everybody that is present on earth, whether it's stationary or(More)
This paper reports the experimental study on the frequency and stretch dependency of permittivity of a commercially available acrylic dielectric elastomer (VHB 4910) film. The procedure for preparing samples with different thickness using in-house developed uniaxially stretching device is described. Copper tapes are implanted on two opposite sides of a(More)
Detecting diseases at early stage can enable to overcome and treat them appropriately. Identifying the treatment accurately depends on the method that is used in diagnosing the diseases. An expert tool can help a great deal in identifying those diseases and describing methods of treatment to be carried out taking into account the user capability in order to(More)
  • 2010
Diabetes mellitus is a group of metabolic disorder characterized by chronic hyperglycemia and disturbances of carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism associated with absolute or relative insulin deficiency. The present study was carried out to establish a correlationship between hyperglycemia of varying intensity with hyperlipidemia in NIDDM patients(More)
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