Kumar Murty

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Histocompatibility antigens (A, B & C loci) and 23 other single gene characters were studied in 204 pulmonary tuberculosis patients belonging to a single endogamous group in South India. None of the previously reported associations with HLA antigens was confirmed, nor any new one found. The blood O and Rh negative associations were also not confirmed,(More)
This poster proposes a secure e-payment architecture for on-line shopping protecting users' privacy. Introduction. Online shopping is becoming more and more interesting for customers because of the ease of use and the large choice of products. A vast amount of sensitive information is transferred during such online payment transactions what involves privacy(More)
E-health information systems give rise to many security and privacy concerns. Security of these systems involves a large amount of sensitive data shared by several actors, such as doctors or nurses in various institutions. However, the privacy preserving issue, including data minimization and data sovereignty, is not necessary treated. This paper presents(More)
Possible differences in the growth of boys of four language groups were investigated by anthropometric measurements in a sample of 582 boys of documented age from a Hyderabad school. Correlation of all body measurements with age was sufficiently close over the age range studied to allow linear regressions on age to be fitted. Covariance analysis suggested a(More)
The explosion of Internet concerns a lot of domains from e-commerce to social networks. Various data, including personal data, are exchanged and stored in large databases or possibly in cloud storage, by numerous websites or online merchants. However, these service providers do not necessarily propose a clear policy on their personal data collection and(More)