Kumar Kumaran

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The design of exterior walls in a building envelope for optimum moisture management is a challenging task. Many conventional methods or local practice guidelines are available for this purpose, based primarily on regional traditions and with limited performance assessment records. In recent years, new wall systems and unconventional materials have been(More)
Recent research in the field of assessment of hygrothermal response has focused on either laboratory experimentation or hygrothermal modelling, but less work has been reported in which both aspects are combined. Such type of studies can potentially offer useful information regarding the benchmarking of models and related methods to assess hygrothermal(More)
Recent advances in computer technology have aided the development of a number of hygrothermal models. These models can predict the distribution of temperature, relative humidity, and airflow pattern through building envelope components as they vary with time. This paper presents the results of an investigation, which evaluated the applicability of(More)
A durability assessment system that links an advanced computer model for structural and hygrothermal analysis with damage functions is currently being developed. The computational system has different modules that calculate the different structural and hygrothermal responses of wall systems. Outputs of these modules are input to the module of damage(More)
Approximately ten percent of newborns require some help with their breathing at birth. About one percent require extensive assistance at birth which needs to be administered by trained personnel. Neonatal resuscitation is taught through a simulation based training program in North America. Such a training methodology is cost and resource intensive which(More)
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