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Cystic prolactinomas are considered not amenable to dopamine agonist therapy. We present the results of dopamine agonist therapy in six patients with cystic prolactinomas. The inclusion criteria of patients were: (i) cystic macroadenomas with the cyst occupying more than 50% of the tumour volume; (ii) a serum prolactin value more than 150 ng/mL. All(More)
Cyber security experiments with potentially malicious software can possibly damage the testbed environment and " escape " into the Internet. Due to this security concern , networks used in such experiments are often totally isolated from production networks and the Inter-net. This choice, however, precludes remote access to testbeds used for security(More)
Neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease (AD) are associated with alterations in epigenetic factors leading to cognitive decline. Histone deacetylase 3 (HDAC3) is a known critical epigenetic negative regulator of learning and memory. In this study, attenuation of long-term potentiation by amyloid-β oligomer, and its reversal by specific HDAC3(More)
A 53 year old male underwent total excision of a large sphenoidal wing meningioma. Patient was treated with cephalosporins and phenytoin for postoperative meningitis. Three weeks after surgery, a follow up lumbar puncture was done. The patient became paraplegic over a few hours. Imaging of the dorsolumbar spine and other investigations demonstrated a large(More)
— Network and computer courses need dedicated laboratories for students to carry out hands-on assignments and course projects. Typically, these projects require each student to be given administrative access to an entire, isolated network of computers. The obvious approach of creating one dedicated physical network for each student is prohibitively(More)
A number of phylogenetic studies during the last decade have shown that termites—one of the main groups of eusocial insects—are a type of cockroach, whose closest living relative is the wood-feeding genus Cryptocercus (reviewed in Klass & Meier (2006) and Inward et al. (2007)). Inward et al. addressed the taxonomic issue of having an order (Isoptera;(More)
Intramedullary spinal hemangioblastoma is well known to be accompanied by syringomyelia. However, holocord secondary syringomyelia is uncommon. We present 2 cases of spinal hemangioblastoma, one in the conus medullaris and the other in midthoracic region, accompanied by holocord syrinx. In both the cases the secondary syrinx resolved following successful(More)
In this paper, we present an efficient fast learning algorithm for regression problems using meta-cognitive extreme learning machine(McELM). The proposed algorithm has two components, namely the cognitive component and meta-cognitive component. The cognitive component is an extreme learning machine (ELM) while the meta-cognitive component which controls the(More)
A case of cervico thoracic junctional area spinal tuberculosis presenting as painful radiculitis of the upper extremity is reported. The predominant symptom of radicular pain and muscle weakness in the hand, along with a claw deformity, led to considerable delay in diagnosis. The presence of advanced bone destruction with severe instability was demonstrated(More)