Kumar Gaurav Bijay

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Data stream systems process persistent queries, typically posed over sliding windows and re-evaluated periodically as the windows slide forward. Due to their long-running nature, a number of similar persistent queries may run in parallel at any given time, therefore multiquery optimization is particularly important. In traditional multi-query optimization,(More)
Data stream systems execute a dynamic workload of long-running and one-time queries, with the streaming inputs typically bounded by sliding windows. For efficiency, windows may be advanced periodically by replacing the oldest part of the window with a batch of newly arrived data. Existing work on stream processing assumes that a window cannot be advanced(More)
The problem of computing the diameter of point-sets presents itself in a variety of fields like databases, datamining and vision. A naı̈ve algorithm takes time O(n) which is impractical for the large point-sets encountered in these fields, and hence there is a need for faster algorithms, albeit approximate. We present new ideas to efficiently approximate(More)
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