Kumar D. N. Nagesh

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Melanoma is one of the deadliest cancer to be treated as well to detect in initial phase. Here we take the skin lesion by ROI and then we take out features of it then it needs to be segmented whether the particular image is cancerous or not. If it is cancerous then classify the extracted features and discuss about type of stages. A novel 3D reconstruction(More)
The remote sensing image technology is growing for the satellite communications. Due to huge size of the satellite image data, there is an overhead in terms of storage capacity, power consumption for the transmission so this is the major challenge in this field. To overcome these issues in this work we have proposed lifting scheme based image compression.(More)
Multilevel inverters generate a level output voltage from DC voltage sources. Requiring nice range of semiconductor switches is main disadvantage of structure inverters. The structure inverters are divided in 2 groups: symmetric and Asymmetric converters. The Asymmetric structure inverters give an oversized range of output steps while not increasing the(More)
Simulating images of various objects in a real world scene has wide applications while testing algorithms for machine vision applications as well as in computer graphics and gaming software industry. Most current algorithms use collimated light sources and assume the medium to be non-scattering and non-attenuating. In real world, most light sources are too(More)
The work is implemented for remote monitoring and control of greenhouse parameters with the help of sensors and GSM communication. It overcomes the disadvantages of wired and wireless constraints such as complicated wiring, difficult maintenance and distance, to monitor and control the applications. The application will have embedded system which consists(More)
This paper work investigated the k-connectivity of a wireless multi hop network with homogeneous random node distribution. We derived an analytical expression which will support the theoretical background, and provides more practical result. We have investigated the requirement to achieve more than one connected network. We can find out how many nodes are(More)
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