Kumar Bhaskaranand

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PURPOSE To assess the effectiveness of a turnbuckle orthosis as a means of improving the range of motion in patients with elbow stiffness. METHODS 17 males and 11 females aged 8 to 68 (mean, 32) years underwent static progressive stretching using a turnbuckle orthosis for elbow stiffness secondary to trauma or surgery. Patients were instructed to wear the(More)
Rehabilitation of traumatic upper limb amputees depends on a multitude of factors. This study attempts to evaluate the success of prosthetic rehabilitation in this group of patients, determine the reasons for non-compliance and find ways to increase prosthetic acceptance. The prosthetic rehabilitation status of 71 traumatic upper-limb amputees was assessed(More)
Thirty giant cell tumors of the distal radius were excised and reconstructed using a nonvascular fibular osteoarticular autograft. Four different surgical techniques for stabilization were used. There were ten recurrences, which could not be correlated with Campanacci's radiological or Jaffe's histological grading. Twenty cases without recurrence were(More)
Three patients with pachydermoperiostosis are reported. All patients presented with moderate pain and swelling in multiple joints unresponsive to treatment, characteristic facial features which were marked in two cases, clubbing of nails and enlargement of distal parts of the extremities. One patient had spondylolisthesis of L5-S1 vertebrae, an association(More)
PURPOSE To study clinical and mechanical factors that predispose to failure of interlocking nails. METHODS Between October 1996 and December 2002, 286 femoral fractures, 211 tibial fractures, and 47 humeral fractures were repaired using variously designed interlocking nails. Fracture pattern, level and site, nail size and type, weight bearing after(More)
We report a series of 18 patients with pain in the thumb or finger tips who were diagnosed as having glomus tumour. Fourteen patients were found to have histopathologically proven glomus tumours, one had a neuroma and three had haemangioma. The duration of symptoms before treatment averaged 1.9 years. Cold-sensitivity and Hildreth's tests have sensitivities(More)
PURPOSE Major injuries of the hand with skin loss often require early flap cover, which should be versatile, simple in technique, and safe. The reverse posterior interosseus flap satisfies all of these requirements. Over the years, refinements in the technique of harvesting this flap have evolved to prevent venous congestion and flap necrosis. This study(More)
 We describe and discuss two patients with osteochondromas of the first rib which presented as prominence of the medial end of the clavicle.  L’ostéochondrome costal est une tumeur rare habituellement rencontrée dans le cadre d’une ostéochondromatose diffuse. Nous présentons 2 cas d’ ostéochondrome de la première côte se présentant comme une proéminence de(More)
Macrodactyly is a rare congenital anomaly characterized by large digits. The usual involvement of macrodactyly is on the pre-axial side of the limb. There has been only one case report to date with involvement of both hands and feet in a child with post-axial upper limb involvement. We report an adult male who has macrodactyly of both hands and feet with(More)
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