Kumar B Pabbisetty

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Eph receptors and ephrins play important roles in regulating cell migration and positioning during both normal and oncogenic tissue development. Using a surface plasma resonance (SPR) biosensor, we examined the binding kinetics of representative monomeric and dimeric ephrins to their corresponding Eph receptors and correlated the apparent binding affinity(More)
The synthesis, structural activity relationships (SAR), and selectivity profile of a potent series of phenylalanine diamide FXIa inhibitors will be discussed. Exploration of P1 prime and P2 prime groups led to the discovery of compounds with high FXIa affinity, good potency in our clotting assay (aPPT), and high selectivity against a panel of relevant(More)
Structure-activity relationship optimization of phenylalanine P1' and P2' regions with a phenylimidazole core resulted in a series of potent FXIa inhibitors. Introducing 4-hydroxyquinolin-2-one as the P2' group enhanced FXIa affinity and metabolic stability. Incorporation of an N-methyl piperazine amide group to replace the phenylalanine improved both FXIa(More)
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