Kumar Appaiah

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—A general method of coding over expansions is proposed , which allows one to reduce the highly non-trivial problem of coding over continuous channels to a much simpler discrete ones. More specifically, the focus is on the additive exponential noise (AEN) channel, for which the (binary) expansion of the (exponential) noise random variable is considered. It(More)
—We evaluate the performance of multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) concepts and their applicability in increasing data rates achievable in multimode fibers. We draw on several MIMO techniques used commonly in wireless standards, and experimentally evaluate their performance benefits to a 3-km multimode fiber link. Using two transmitters and two detectors(More)
—Polar coding has originally been introduced as a capacity achieving low complexity code for binary input symmetric channels. Polar codes can be understood as transformations that replace a probabilistic channel with parallel deterministic counterparts. This paper builds on this interpretation of polar codes, using it to perform alignment over the resulting(More)
Multimode fibers (MMFs) offer a cost-effective connection solution for small and medium length networks. However, data rates through multimode fibers are traditionally limited by modal dispersion. Signal processing and Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) have been shown to be effective at combating these limitations, but device design for the specific(More)
A general method of coding over expansion is proposed, which allows one to reduce the highly non-trivial problems of coding over analog channels and compressing analog sources to a set of much simpler subproblems, coding over discrete channels and compressing discrete sources. More specifically, the focus of this paper is on the additive exponential noise(More)
—We experimentally evaluate the performance of incoherent multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) multimode fiber (MMF) links with different fiber media, link lengths, and modulation techniques. The performance of conventional 62.5 m diameter silica as well as perfluorinated plastic, graded-index MMF sections of various lengths were evaluated using 1 1, 2 2,(More)
—Multimode fibers (MMF) are generally used in short and medium haul optical networks owing to the availability of low cost devices and inexpensive packaging solutions. However, the performance of conventional multimode fibers is limited primarily by the presence of high modal dispersion owing to large core diameters. While electronic dispersion compensation(More)