Kumar Abhijith

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PURPOSE To investigate the cases of foreign body in the aerodigestive tract and to elucidate the characteristic problems in India. DESIGN AND SETTING Three hundred patients presenting with a history of either aspirating or swallowing a foreign body were analyzed in a tertiary care center. Data were collected by retrospective chart review and statistically(More)
This study investigates the passive-control-potentials of trees and on-street parked cars on pedestrian exposure to air pollutants in a street canyon using three-dimensional CFD. Since, according to some studies trees deteriorate air quality and cars parked roadside improve it, the combine as well as separate effects of trees and on-street parked cars have(More)
Osteomyelitis of the skull base almost always occurs in elderly patients with diabetes; however, it may occur in patients with compromised immune function regardless of their age. We present the cases of a pair of immunocompetent, 2-year-old identical twins who experienced osteomyelitis of the temporal bone almost exactly 1 year apart. An incident such as(More)
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