Kumar A Jain

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People with AD have deficient contrast sensitivity and impaired face discrimination. The authors presented photographs of unfamiliar faces of three different sizes to enhance the low, middle, or high facial frequency information (cycles per face). Patients with AD demonstrated normal discrimination of small faces only, indicating that impaired contrast(More)
The need to enhance communication between humans and computers has been instrumental in determining new communication models, and accordingly new ways of interacting with machines. A vision based Hand Gesture Recognition system can be useful to recognize hand gesture in air, with devices like camera equipped smart phones and cameras connected to computers.(More)
In this paper we propose a novel java based computation and comparison method (JBCCM). In this method we taking three type of object oriented files for showing the computation. Those three files belong to C++, Java and C#. We first compute class, Inheritance, Interface, object and Line of Codes (LOC). Then we assume three databases based on several(More)
Volume 3, Issue 1 January – February 2014 Page 90 Abstract: Image Compression means reducing the volume of data needed in order to represent an Image. Image compression techniques are divided into two main techniques: transforms (DCT, JPEG, FFT, and Wavelet) and non transforms (PCM, DPCM).In this paper we present the DCT transform to compress the Image with(More)
The distributions of stresses and deflection in rectangular isotropic and orthotropic plates with central circular hole under transverse static loading have been studied using finite element method. The aim of author is to analyze the effect of D/A ratio (where D is hole diameter and A is plate width) upon stress concentration factor (SCF) and deflection in(More)
Introduction: Alendronate is the most popular bisphosphonate used to prevent fragility fracture of postmenopausal osteoporosis. There is common belief among physicians that Alendronates are very safe without many side effects and they continue it for long time. Recent papers have shown that, some patients who are on this drug from a long period suffered a(More)
t l ACKNOWLEDGEMENT First, I would like to give my deep appreciation and thanks to my advisor, Dr. Janusz A. Starzyk, for his advice, support, and patient reviewing of my dissertation. Thanks are also due to the members of my committee: I would also like to acknowledge MOSIS program for the supporting fabrication of the chip. Especially, thanks to Mr. Jen-I(More)
To determine pattern of liver disease in the paediatric age group. Materials and Methods: In the present study of 28 cases (including 5 postmortem biopsy), liver biopsy was done, out of which 24 cases could be diagnosed histologically .Slides were prepared from paraffin-embedded blocks, stained by routine H & E and special stains and were then reviewed. The(More)