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DO11.10 transgenic mice, expressing an OVA-specific TCR, were used to study pulmonary T cell responses to inhaled Ags. Before OVA inhalation, the activation of lung parenchymal T cells elicited both strong proliferative responses and IL-2 production. However, following Ag inhalation the proliferative responses of the lung T cells, when restimulated in vitro(More)
DBA/2J mice were immunized daily for 3 days per os with 10(8)-10(9) colony forming units (c.f.u.) of two different temperature-sensitive (TS) mutants of Pseudomonas aeruginosa. At varying times after the final immunization the animals were exposed to aerosols of the parental immunotype 1, and the ability of the immunized and control mice to clear their(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare the effects of living alone versus living in a group setting on the health, nutrition, personal cognition and general living function of a group of elderly Taiwanese. We also hypothesized that older adults living alone would have poorer indices of function and health than would elderly persons living in a group setting. DESIGN AND(More)
How do observers perceptually organize the events of individual agents when observing interactions among them? Do they readily perceive all events? Do they selectively perceive some events but not others? Do they see events overlooked by observers focusing on the individual agents? To explore these questions, participants viewed the Heider and Simmel (1944)(More)
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