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Worldwide ICT education (information communication technology) is facing a major challenge of declining student enrollments; battling to keep its curriculum relevant and up-to-date while trying to meet the high demand of ICT skilled workers in domain, such as resources, health, government and commerce. This paper, documenting research in progress, discusses(More)
Teaching and learning for the degrees of Software Engineering(SE), Computer Science(CS), Information Technology (IT), Information Systems (IS) and Electronic Commerce (EC), with recent trends in Business IT, Management of Information Systems (MIS) or Information Communication Technology (ICT) and so forth are often confused by staff and students. These new(More)
Today electronic learning is an important educational topic, and choosing an appropriate, applicable approach in education is of great importance. We may encounter the question: why should we evaluate systems? Our answer can be one of these: (1) Instantaneous management of pros and cons; (2) designing a long-term strategy; (3) evaluation of managers'(More)
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