Kum Ju Park

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The present study examined the effects of Tremella fuciformis (TF) on the learning and memory function and the neural activity in rats with trimethyltin (TMT)-induced memory deficits. The rats were administered saline or TF (TF 25, 50, 100 mg/kg, p.o.) daily for 21 days. The cognitive improving efficacy of TF on the amnesic rats, which was induced by TMT,(More)
Mycoepoxydiene (MED) is a polyketide isolated from a marine fungus associated with mangrove forests. It contains an oxygen-bridged cyclooctadiene core and an α,β-unsaturated δ-lactone moiety. MED induced the reorganization of cytoskeleton in actively growing HeLa cells by promoting formation of actin stress fiber and inhibiting polymerization of tubulin.(More)
Mycoplasma virus P1 is a tailed, polyhedral virus isolated from Mycoplasma pulmonis. To characterize the P1 genome, stocks of virus were prepared free of host cell nucleic acids. A single DNA species of 11.3 kb that was shown by plaque hybridization to be of P1 origin was extracted from the virus. Efficient isolation of P1 DNA required digestion with(More)
We examined the neuroprotective and neurotrophic effects of Tremella fuciformis. The neurotrophic effects of the hot water extract of T. fuciformis was evaluated by microscopically monitoring its potency to induce neurite outgrowth in PC12h cells. The hot water extract of T. fuciformis promoted neurite outgrowth in PC12h cells in this study, superior to(More)
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