Kulwant Singh

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The evaluation of 15 STR loci Applied Biosystems Identifiler kit for sibship determination in Indian subjects is reported. Cumulative sibship indices (CSIs) calculated following standard methods in sibling pairs and non-sibling pairs, showed mean values comparable to other reports. Mean CSI value in sibling group was higher than in corresponding non-sibling(More)
The activity concentrations of the natural radionuclides namely 238Ra, 232Th and 40K are measured for soil samples collected from different locations of Faridkot and Mansa districts of Punjab. HPGe detector, based on high-resolution gamma spectrometry system is used for the measurement of activity concentration. The range of activity concentrations of(More)
With a view to prospect the uranium, radium and radon concentration and related health risk assessments in areas of Muktsar and Ferozepur districts in Punjab, the fission track registration technique has been used for the analysis of water and soil samples. Uranium content in water ranged from 5.47 to 10.19 microg/l(-1) and 6.28 to 11.74 microg/l(-1) for(More)
The natural radioactivity levels all over the world can create health problems due to the inhalation of radioactive aerosols. Radon and thoron progeny content of indoor air have major contribution to natural radiation dose. In the present study, simultaneous indoor measurements of radon and thoron progeny concentrations have been carried out over a period(More)
The sum peak intensity I400 (279 + 121 keV) relative to its singles peak intensity I279 or I121 has been determined in various environments of 75Se by gamma-gamma summing technique in a single HPGe detector. The change in intensity has been used to determine nuclear quadrupole interaction frequencies and electric field gradient components in different(More)
Instantaneous measurements of equilibrium equivalent concentration of radon (EEC(Rn)) were taken over a period of 1 year in 2004 in a typical house at Amritsar city, located in the northwest part of India. A method based on absolute beta counting subsequent to grab aerosol sampling was used. During that year, EEC(Rn) varied between 1.56B qm(-3) and 22.77B(More)
The activity concentrations of soil samples collected from thirty different locations of Malwa region of Punjab were determined by using HPGe detector based on high-resolution gamma spectrometry system. The range of activity concentrations of 226Ra, 232Th and 40K in the soil from the studied areas varies from 18.37 Bq kg(-1) (Sangrur) to 53.11 Bq kg(-1)(More)
Indoor Radon measures have been carried out in the dwellings of Muktsar and Ferozepur districts of punjab using LR-115 plastic track detectors. Indoor Radon values ranged from 95 to 226 bq m(-3) and 75 to 233 bq m(-3) for winter season and 61 to 129 bq m(-3) and 79 to 138 bq m(-3) for summer season for Muktsar and Ferozepur districts respectively. These(More)
Abstract—The heat flow in weldment changes its nature from 2D to 3D with the increase in plate thickness. For welding of thicker plates the heat loss in thickness direction increases the cooling rate of plate. Since the cooling rate changes, the various bead parameters like bead penetration, bead height and bead width also got affected by it. The present(More)
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