Kuljeet Singh

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BACKGROUND The newly assembled Bos taurus genome sequence enables the linkage of bovine milk and lactation data with other mammalian genomes. RESULTS Using publicly available milk proteome data and mammary expressed sequence tags, 197 milk protein genes and over 6,000 mammary genes were identified in the bovine genome. Intersection of these genes with 238(More)
Dataflow is a style of software architecture ideally suited for embedded control. The Dataflow Architecture Real-time Kernel (DARK) is a lightweight RTOS specifically designed to support such designs in power electronics control. DARK's high performance design is presented along with performance comparisons against a commercial real-time operating system.
This paper deals with the inverse prediction of parameters in a trapezoidal fin with temperature-dependent thermal conductivity and heat transfer coefficient. Three critical dimensions along with the relevant heat transfer coefficient at the fin base have been simultaneously predicted for satisfying a given temperature distribution on the surface of the(More)
This study investigated whether the prenatal maternal environment in dairy cattle influences the postnatal milking performance of the resulting daughters and grand-daughters. Linear mixed models were used to analyse whole season milk production from ∼ 46,000 Jersey and ∼ 123,000 Holstein Friesian cows in their 1st and 2nd lactations. Variation in the(More)
(ABSTRACT) This thesis presents the design and evaluation of an operating system kernel specially designed for dataflow software. Dataflow is a style of software architecture that is well suited for control and " signal flow " applications. This architecture involves many small processes and lots of inter-process communication, which impose too much(More)
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